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Daily Photo Tip

Try photographing motion in as many ways as you can - motion can add a sense of depth and timelessness to a photograph, and can help lead a viewer's eye around the composition. (First published Aug 27, 2009)

23.Jul.08'Depth of Field' is a term used to describe the region in front and behind the focus point that appears sharp in the final photograph. It is controlled by lens length, subject distance, and aperture setting.

22.Jul.08Make a list of things that you often do wrong with your photography. Cross items off, and add to it as necessary. If you're constantly learning, the list should never be blank.

21.Jul.08Be kind to yourself, even if you didn't do as good a job as you hoped on a critical photo shoot. Treating yourself gently and with respect is key to bouncing back from small (or large!) failures.

20.Jul.08Each shutter speed 'stop' is approximately twice as fast as the last. For example, 1/30s is one stop down from 1/15s, which is one stop down from 1/8s.

19.Jul.08Redo your monitor calibration periodically, preferably every two weeks. The way your monitor displays colours will change, and you will need to change its colour profile to compensate.

18.Jul.08Old cameras can lend a certain charm to photography. Photographs from old cameras are not as perfect as those from newer machines; with practice, a photographer can learn to use this to their artistic advantage.

17.Jul.08When stuck without a flash diffuser, get creative! Styrofoam coffee cups, paper, or many other translucent materials (white or coloured) can make great diffusers.

16.Jul.08Three or more heavy design elements will usually be interpreted as a polygon. However, if the points are nearly in line, they may be interpreted as points on a curve.

15.Jul.08The focal length of a simple lens is actually a physical measurement, a ratio of the distance from the lens's nodal point to the subject and the image plane respectively.

14.Jul.08For ease of use, most cameras can be slung over your shoulder, still attached to the tripod. Be sure your tripod is firmly attached to your camera. Also, make sure not to bash it into anything while carrying it!

13.Jul.08Photographs of the same scene can be digitally montaged to create a single image with a much greater dynamic range than the originals. If you use this technique, be sure to note it in your description.

12.Jul.08In general, a zoom lens with a maximum aperture that depends on the focal length will be a poorer quality lens than one that employs a fixed aperture throughout the range.

11.Jul.08If you're in a rush, don't put pressure on yourself. Pressure will only heighten stress and stifle creativity, resulting in bland photography or no photos at all.

10.Jul.08Lens extenders are a compact and somewhat cheaper way of extending the focal length of a lens by 1.4 or 2 times. They reduce the maximum aperture, and can exaggerate the optical flaws of the lens. Good quality extenders cost as much as a mid-range lens.

09.Jul.08Try undertaking a photo-a-day project, taking one photo per day for a set length of time. This can force you to rethink your surroundings, revitalizing your creativity.