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Thank you to all of you who have shared your thoughts here. It's a thrill to hear from someone in a far corner of the world who has enjoyed my work. If you haven't already, take a moment to Sign the Guestbook!

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Princeton, BC, Canada

  • Sue
  • Jan.2007

Congratulations on a beautiful website! I really love all your photographs and you really are developing your own unique style. I am quite taken with your urban ones as well and you made them all the more meaningful with the little blurbs that accompany each photo.


Princeton, BC, Canada

  • Merrilyn
  • Jan.2007

Your work is gorgeous. The Urban Gallery is wonderful. It's a real privilege to see what else you have done in the two years since "Cowboy Coffee"! The website ain't too shabby either!


Squamish, BC, Canada

  • Curtis
  • Jan.2007

Mark, You have truly found your gift to all. #1


Penticton, BC, Canada

  • Steve, TPS Sports Photos
  • Jan.2007

Very nice Mark, great photos and a web presentation to be proud of. I noticed you had no mention of non art functional photography and I can see why!


Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Launie, ABC Photocolour & Digital Imaging Centre
  • Jan.2007

Well Mark, having the privilege of dealing with your fine art photos among the greats I take care of internationally, this excellent collection does not come as a surprise. It's just true to Mark Mason form & I'm enlightened by the accompanying insights along with the imaging. Thanks, Launie.


Nietap, Netherlands

  • Ron
  • Jan.2007

Very nice site. I love your photographs. Lovely nature pictures. Good work!


Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

  • Chris
  • Dec.2006

Very fine work and a beautiful website.



  • Sandra
  • Nov.2006

Great work!!!! GREAT TIPS!!!


Mayo, MD, USA

  • William
  • Nov.2006

Wonderful site and stunning photographs. My mother (Jeanne) steered me to this site. As a photographer I find it truly inspiring!


Kolkata, India

  • Amit
  • Nov.2006

You have been very thoughtful about the composition of each photograph – that's the reason why they stand out. Wonderful work. Keep it up!!


Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

  • Shari
  • Nov.2006

Beautiful work, Mark! I just spend a long time looking at other fine art photography sites and none of them spoke to me as did yours; very inspiring. May you keep those wonderful images coming. Thanks for sharing.


Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Alex
  • Oct.2006

Awesome photos Mark – you have talent! My favorite is the sun-bleached branch, I have a half a dozen photos of failed attempts to catch the image you did here. Looking forward to the completion of the other galleries.


Kamloops, BC, Canada

  • Malcolm
  • Oct.2006

I really enjoyed looking at these photos again. Thanks Mark!


Princeton, BC, Canada

  • Karen
  • May.2006

Mark, what a great pleasure to view your work and your passion. Your eye for detail and nuance is intuitive and impeccable. I love looking for descriptions of nature with the naked eye always hoping to mentally add to some future painting or sketch. Your art does that for me. Thank you. Although this is not my first time to your site, I will assure you it won't be my last. I will look forward to your perspective as it continues to express itself. Best wishes to you and Terri.


Princeton, BC, Canada

  • Roni
  • May.2006

Breath-taking pictures. Your show of colours and choices of nature are very unique. Would love to see more.