Gallery 7Urban Photos

Fine art photo showing the popular Paseo del Prado at night, with blurry walking figures, shiny concrete, and the Capitol building through a gap in the trees
Abstract photograph of intertwined chair legs, silhouetted in a pool of light on a concrete floor
Abstract photograph showing a partly open doorway with contrasted white, blue and yellow light
Fine art photograph showing two teenage boys sitting on an ancient cannon, the Havana skyline and grey skies in the background
Abstract photograph of street lamps and lens flare against a dark night sky
Abstract photograph of blue paint splatter seeming to hover above a blurry, rusted steel plate
Fine art abstract photo showing shattered window glass and blurry reflections of fall colours on a bare, grainy plywood floor
Fine art macro photo of scattered leaves covering the top of an old abandoned grader hood
Fine art photograph showing windows open to the night and spilling blue light into the arc-sodium lit streets
Abstract photograph of twisted white metal shapes against a frozen snowy field
Fine art abstract night photograph of an empty passageway between buildings, with a chaotic tangle of wires and cables overhead
Fine art abstract photo showing rusted metal and chipped paint curving together like a shoreline on a lake