Gallery 4Rural Photos

Fine art photo of cactus fronds spreading from the centre of the frame like a blooming flower
Abstract nature photograph of a twisted tree trunk and highlighted leaves against a dark blue sky
Abstract macro photograph showing bubbles clinging to the surface of a submerged leaf like tiny lenses
Abstract photograph of clusters of shiny bubbles and green creek water in a mountain stream
Fine art photograph of water rippling through a series of natural potholes and scattered boulders
Abstract macro photograph of tiny beads of morning dew perched delicately on a wide blade of grass
Fine art nature photograph of a brilliant moon above the outline of an old snag with mountains and forests in the backgound
Abstract photograph showing perfect beads of morning dew clinging to a spider web
Abstract photograph of misty water crashing on a rocky shore
Fine art photograph of two yellow leaves floating in blue and green water
Abstract nature photograph of hoodoos and sagebrush against a backdrop of green trees
Fine art nature photograph of a bunch of pond weeds on the surface of a blue, calm lake with surface reflections