Gallery 12B&W Photos

Fine art black and white photo of foam and reflections of the clouds in a roadside puddle
Fine art B&W photograph showing bridge piers crusted in salt and barnacles against a dramatic cloudy sky
Fine art black and white night photograph of waves crashing against worn concrete water barriers
Black and white photograph of exposed tree roots, spreading through the soil, surrounded by curled, dried leaves
Black and white abstract photograph of a string of kelp on a beach, looping gracefully in and out of the frame
Fine art black and white photograph showing men on the street at night beneath the straight concrete walls and intertwined branches of downtown Havana
Fine art black and white long exposure photograph of waves crashing on a rugged bay
Fine art black and white photograph showing a group of men playing dominoes at a table in the street, and a woman with a cigarette and shopping bag in the background
Black and white landscape photograph showing men fishing from the Malecon, with the ancient buildings of Havana in the background
Fine art black and white photograph showing a thin shroud of fog around a lone snow-lined wharf on a black winter night
Black and white fine art photograph looking down through the branches of a large tree at pale white leaves on the floor of the forest
Abstract  black and white photograph of fresh leaves against burnt yucca bark