Gallery 10Urban Photos

Abstract photograph showing patterns on a wall of an abandoned building, resembling Japanese brushstroke artwork
Abstract macro photograph showing large chunks of peeling orange paint falling away to reveal cool, blue-tinted metal beneath
Fine art photograph showing giant beams on the underside of a wharf, frozen in ice, set against a night sky with faint stars
Fine art photograph of a window in a derelict house with missing glass but a beautiful pastoral and mountain view
Fine art photograph showing lights in the windows of a very old and run-down apartment complex
Fine art travel photo of a man seated alone on a bench in front of a towering orange wall
Fine art photograph showing an ancient car propped on blocks in the night with a hazy full moon in the background
Abstract photograph of stormy patterns on an aging, weathered, painted window
Fine art macro photo showing colourful reflected gradients and interlocking water drops on a curved piece of scrap steel
Abstract urban photograph showing smudges of grey paint on a crumbling orange concrete wall
Abstract photograph of swirled red rust on the surface of a bluish painted metal plate
Fine art photo of weeds growing up beside an abandoned piece of blue painted metal