Gallery 1Rural Photos

Abstract photo showing popcorn rock and stalactites on the roof of a cave, with black charcoal graffiti all around
Abstract macro photograph showing the dried veins of a dead leaf, shaded in blue light against a yellow green background
Fine art long-exposure photograph of barnacled rocks and clouds of sand as seawater washes over a tidepool
Fine art macro photograph of small bubbles suspended over a fallen leaf in a skim of creek water
Fine art photograph of a school of fish, diving together into bright mottled ocean shallows
Fine art macro photo of an explosion of water drops clinging to microscopic plant fibres
Abstract photograph of sculpted sandstone mountains, arches and shadows
Fine art close-up photograph of yellowed weeds wrapped in a cluster around a single rusted strand of wire
Fine art abstract photograph juxtaposing the end grain, saw marks, and chalk colouring on the cut end of a large driftwood log
Abstract photograph of a motion-blurred forest, with lines and texture where the camera paused
Abstract photograph showing reflections of cliffs and river rocks in calm water
Abstract photograph of bubbles and refracted skylight from below the surface of the water