Recent Photos

Fine art macro photo showing big beads of water and patterns on a leaf after a Spring rainstorm
Black and white abstract photograph showing a pattern of bubbles on a crudely painted concrete wall
Black and white photograph of a homeless person sleeping in a crude tarp and cardboard shelter against a tile wall
Abstract black and white macro photograph of crisp patterns and blurred highlights in a small ice formation
Abstract black and white photo of water beading on the crumpled remains of a foil weather balloon
Fine art photograph of stains and streaks on a stainless steel wall plate, with an out-of-focus hedge in the foreground
Fine art abstract black and white photo showing a closeup of a dented metal train kiosk, reflected light forming patterns in the surface
Fine art abstract photograph juxtaposing the end grain, saw marks, and chalk colouring on the cut end of a large driftwood log
Fine art photograph showing intertwined, blurry waves moving over round multi-coloured beach rocks
Fine art black and white long-exposure photograph showing moving water swirling like fog around seaside stones
Abstract photograph showing fissures in a painted rubber playground tire, faded and cracked with age
Abstract macro photograph showing the dried veins of a dead leaf, shaded in blue light against a yellow green background
Abstract fine art photo of burnt orange paint leaping upward like flames on a charred and scratched shop door
Abstract fine art photograph showing brightly coloured brush strokes on a white concrete wall
Fine art abstract photo showing shattered window glass and blurry reflections of fall colours on a bare, grainy plywood floor
Abstract photograph showing patterns on a wall of an abandoned building, resembling Japanese brushstroke artwork
Abstract photograph showing heavy staining in a concrete seawall, spreading and mirroring itself like an inkblot paper
Fine art black and white photograph showing several bank guards lounging in chairs in an empty breezeway
Abstract photo showing popcorn rock and stalactites on the roof of a cave, with black charcoal graffiti all around
Fine art black and white photograph showing a flooded boat, cocked sideways, sitting abandoned on the silty shores of a shallow lake
Fine art photograph showing streetlights shining through a silhouetted forest at the edge of the city
Fine art photo showing leaf litter filling the potholes in a pockmarked slab of rain-rinsed limestone
Abstract black and white photograph showing a curled, dried leaf, in beautiful soft light with a velvet black background
Fine art black and white photo showing a man bending into the open hood of a finely restored classic car
Fine art street photograph showing a black dog sleeping on the landing of a rusted spiral staircase in a brightly lit breezeway
Fine art abstract photograph showing a red painted square, like a framed picture, in the middle of an ageing wooden door
Fine art photo in black and white, showing a bright white inner city courtyard and a silhouetted tree, angled sunlight playing over the imperfections in the masonry
Fine art black and white photograph showing a group of men playing dominoes at a table in the street, and a woman with a cigarette and shopping bag in the background
Fine art travel photograph showing a young Cuban couple talking in front of the ruins of a large concrete building
Fine art travel photo of a man seated alone on a bench in front of a towering orange wall
Fine art abstract night photograph of an empty passageway between buildings, with a chaotic tangle of wires and cables overhead
Fine art photograph of a figure on the rocks by the sea, with floodlights on a fortress and a lighthouse in the background
Fine art black and white photograph of a man resting on the seawall in Havana, taking in the city lights and a party fishing by lamplight
Fine art black and white night photograph of waves crashing against worn concrete water barriers
Fine art photograph showing two teenage boys sitting on an ancient cannon, the Havana skyline and grey skies in the background
Fine art photograph of a dingy 1950s era car in soft light, in front of a checked and stained concrete wall
Fine art photograph showing a man perched unsettlingly on top of a concrete building and a woman looking into the street from a mid-level apartment
Fine art photo showing a wall next to a demolished structure, the missing adjoining walls clearly visible
Fine art photograph showing windows open to the night and spilling blue light into the arc-sodium lit streets
Fine art colour photo of a streaked, looming tower behind a skeletal bare street tree
Fine art black and white photograph showing men on the street at night beneath the straight concrete walls and intertwined branches of downtown Havana
Abstract photography showing small stained glass windows and wooden shutters behind ancient wrought-iron bars
Fine art black and white photograph showing silhouetted lovers in a battered 1950s model car, parked beside a plain concrete wall
Black and white landscape photograph showing men fishing from the Malecon, with the ancient buildings of Havana in the background
Fine art photograph of a charcoal mural on a chipped and stained concrete wall, with bricks and pipes exposed beneath the damage
Abstract photograph showing dynamic cracks in aging paint on a wooden doorway, the worn areas looking like crackling arcs of electricity
Fine art photograph showing a vacant urban canyon between concrete buildings, with exposed trusses against a starry sky
Fine art photo showing the popular Paseo del Prado at night, with blurry walking figures, shiny concrete, and the Capitol building through a gap in the trees