Arch, Sandstone Mountain

Arches, UT (Artist Statement)

Arch, Sandstone Mountain: Arches, UT, USA (2003) - Abstract photograph of sculpted sandstone mountains, arches and shadows

The wild, weather-worn shapes in the soft face of this orange sandstone were awe-inspiring. I was struck by this rock's size, the immense weight of it all, and the beautiful colour of the land against the sky.

The morning light looked hot against this wall, highlighting the textures and patterns in the rock. I photographed it in a way that showed its weight and size, contrasting it with the deep blue sky and the relatively small butte behind.

Not long after I made this photograph, the day's heat fully settled in, rising to the typical sweltering desert temperatures in just a couple of hours.

— Arch, Sandstone Mountain: Arches, UT, USA (2003)

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