Reeds, Plunging Shadows (B&W)

Near Tofino, BC (Artist Statement)

Reeds, Plunging Shadows (B&W): Near Tofino, BC, Canada (2011) - B&W abstract macro photograph of striking, blurry shadows and the silhouettes of surface reeds

Not much is in focus in this photograph, and nothing at all is recognizable. To me, it looks like what a person might see waking up from a coma: clusters of pain, narrow focus, smooth panels of calm and hope. Even in the dark, without our eyes, we form visions and can see our way through our lives.

Crisis and fear can bring calm, as though everything is black and white in its most basic form. I like how I can see through the snarl of weeds to the flat white water. It is as though, at some serene moment of understanding, every part of the world might reveal itself in startling, silent, silver-halide monochrome.

— Reeds, Plunging Shadows (B&W): Near Tofino, BC, Canada (2011)

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