Snow Dusted Ice (B&W)

Near Princeton, BC (Artist Statement)

Snow Dusted Ice (B&W): Near Princeton, BC, Canada (2004) - Abstract black and white photograph of dusted snow covering an icy pool of rocks and leaves

I was immediately struck by the chaotic magic of this frozen pool – the layers of rock and snow and ice, and the clarity of the crystals on the surface.

The pool looked like a storm, blowing snow and leaves, maybe the storm that left this part of the river here like this. It seemed frozen in time, locked still inside all of its beauty and ferocity.

I photographed the pool in a way that evokes a sense of arrested motion – the rocks open to the bright, sharp wind, the swirling snow caught for a long moment on the frozen stream of a winter's day.

— Snow Dusted Ice (B&W): Near Princeton, BC, Canada (2004)

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