Soaring Trees, Fog

Seymour Park, BC (Artist Statement)

Soaring Trees, Fog: Seymour Park, BC, Canada (2003) - Abstract photo looking up through bright mist at the treetops

I love fog. It blurs edges and seems to capture light, clinging to its colour and tone. Fog can make a plain place magical.

I liked the way these trees seemed to extend into the sky forever, and how the bright fog enveloped them at their tops. I wanted to show the trees as a dynamic, living group, and to show the mist surrounding them. I turned my camera skyward, lying on my back and setting up my tripod over my face. As I photographed the scene, I had to constantly wipe my lens free of the light rain falling from the treetops. When I finished, I discovered I had melted a body-shaped hole through the wet snow beneath me.

— Soaring Trees, Fog: Seymour Park, BC, Canada (2003)

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