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Since 2003, 'Mark Raymond Mason Fine Art Photography' has been an online portfolio of my photography and ideas about art. A lot has changed, but the site remains a celebration of art, our world, and creative thinking. New photos and changes will be posted here – visit often!

What's New?

Beams, Ice, Night Sky

I've arrived home from a beautiful, interesting and productive trip to Cuba!  I made many new photographs in an subject-rich environment, some that I'm quite excited to develop and share.  In the meantime, I'm cleaning up some photography from the past winter around Salmon Arm.  The photos are all around the galleries, including this one from a frigid night under the Wharf.  Enjoy!

Upcoming Trip to Cuba

I've added a few more photos here and there over the past year, including some from a trip to Hawaii in February of 2016.  Most exciting to me are my plans for a trip to Cuba in February, dedicated mainly to a photographic exploration of the ever-changing little country.  Stay tuned!

New Photos at Long Last

I've been off the map, photography-wise, for some time.  Life's been quite busy (and exciting!) with my professional life developing, our young man growing up (Fin's going to be 4 in February) and various other goings-on.  However, on an October family trip to the Oregon Coast, I decided it was high time to dust off the camera lenses once again.  And am I ever glad I did!  The trip was lots of fun for all, and now I've got 12 new photos (from the trip and the last couple of years) scattered around the site.  Enjoy, and let's hope it's not another 2 years until I get out again!

New Website Launched!

This launch announcement comes a little behind schedule, but better late that never!  I'm very excited to introduce the first completely new version of my photography website in over 8 years.  It's designed for the modern web, friendly (I hope!) to various devices, screen sizes, and new HD monitors.  The new site is less reliant on decorative images and old programming techniques.  The layout is cleaner and, I think, displays my photos in a bolder, easier-to-see way than before.  Let me know what you think!

Over 250 Photographs

I recently added a dozen new photos, scattered throughout the galleries.  This brings the total number of fine art photos on to over 250!  It's been well over a decade of work, and I'm proud of my collection.  More Black and White galleries will be added as time goes on, but the main Urban and Rural galleries will contain only 60 photos.  This means some old favourites will have to move over to make way for new images.  Don't worry – nothing will be taken off the site completely: you can always find old photography by perusing the More Photos area.

What's Coming? is constantly evolving. New photographs and photo tips will be added continually, with the goal of keeping 'Mark Raymond Mason, Fine Art Photography' fresh and interesting while I challenge myself in new ways. New photography tutorials will appear as I find the time.

I expect that my new work will continue to evolve, as I explore black and white photography, mixed urban and rural themes, photos of the human form, and other areas outside of my comfort zone. Keep an eye out for some new and exciting photography! will continue to be unsponsered, and free from ads or product reviews. If you have enjoyed my site and made use of my photography tutorials, please consider donating to an environmental or social charity of your choice, such as the World Wildlife Fund ( or the Red Cross (

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Technical Details

I created this website entirely myself, learning various web programming languages as I went. Over the years, updating my photography website has become as much a hobby as photography itself!

All photographs on this website were colour balanced and compressed especially for internet use. Every photograph, tutorial, photo tip, and artist's statement on is original, as is the web design and and all other content.

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