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Thank you to all of you who have shared your thoughts here. It's a thrill to hear from someone in a far corner of the world who has enjoyed my work. If you haven't already, take a moment to Sign the Guestbook!

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  • Diva59
  • May.2008

Dear Mark, I love your work, simplicity and beauty, two wonderful combinations. Its very inspiring. Nature offers such beauty to us, its a true artist that knows how to capture it. I am an artist who deals first in oil painting and secondly in photography. Thank you for sharing your creations.


Norden, Germany

  • Christophe
  • May.2008

Your site is very informative. Kind regards from Christophe Didillon, action artist and painter from Germany.


Newry, Ireland

  • Oliver
  • Apr.2008

Love the site power to your elbow, wish my site was agood but Im trying thanks Oliver


Nashville, TN, USA

  • Rebecca
  • Mar.2008

I love your site. You are a very talented photographer. Keep up the good work. Your black and whites are great. -Rebecca


Luton, UK

  • Jill
  • Mar.2008

I'm new to photogaphy having retired from teaching and after a year of studying the basics knew I was drawn to abstract images. Found your site after a 'search'. Your wonderful photographs and inspiring tutorials have given me much needed direction. I shall be keeping up with your site.


Melbourne, Australia

  • Roentarre
  • Feb.2008

The mood is just so well captured and sophisticated!


Terre Haute, IN, USA

  • John
  • Feb.2008

Thank you Mark, for the insightful tips you give on your knowledge of photography. As a newcomer to the world of photography, I can use all the insight I can get. Only 1 request, if I may. I would like to hear some of your insight in low-light photography, where you can't use a speedlight. I shoot a lot of musicians playing live; from large venues to small dive bars. So any information you might have on the subject, I would be grateful to see. Thanks again for your great tips & keep them coming!



  • John
  • Feb.2008

Great to see that there still are people who understands the art of photo. I have a site dedicated to photo restoration, but I want in the future to start shooting.



  • Sam
  • Feb.2008

Love your work its fanbloodytastic ........check out my site when you get a mo and tell me what you think...all the best..Sam


Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Alex
  • Feb.2008

Absolutely love your new image "oil, water, highlights" – truly excellent work! – alex


Florence, Italy

  • Alessandro
  • Feb.2008

Hi, i'm new in the web. I have built my first site. I would like your opinion on my web space. Regards


Worcester, England

  • James
  • Feb.2008

i love you...No seriously I am studying photography at Sixth Form and you have inspired me so much. Thanks x


Kamloops, BC, Canada

  • Darren
  • Jan.2008

Hey I was talking to your Mom at the Canada games pool today and she referred me to your site! Im an artist looking to get more into photography. I like your stuff!


Osoyoos, BC, Canada

  • Lana
  • Jan.2008

Mark Mason! You are such a talented, interesting, inspiring man. The photos and descriptions on this website are nothing short of awe inspiring. Your eyes have always viewed your surroundings in a unique way, you saw the counseling suite walls in PSS as a summit to be conquered! May you always find happiness in places you are.


Northumberland, UK

  • Mark
  • Jan.2008

Really great work, gave me loads of good ideas for my personnel work. Be Good Mark