Gallery 8Urban Photos

Abstract fine art photo of a burning white circle painted on scrap metal, the orange flaking to reveal a fine blue layer underneath
Abstract photograph showing paint splitting and peeling from a wall, forming crawling, leaf-like patterns
Abstract photograph of stained water streams on the colourful interior of a burned-out house
Abstract macro photograph of a network of cracks in a weather worn rubber rail bumper, speckled with the first few drops of rain
Abstract photograph of swirled red rust on the surface of a bluish painted metal plate
Abstract photograph showing lines of tar intersecting on the surface of an asphalt road
Abstract photo of gang graffiti and shadows on a textured piece of rusted steel plating
Fine art photograph showing pink tree flower petals gently floating on black water
Abstract photo of progression and evolution in chipped paint patterns, from plain fibre to complex lava-like rust
Abstract photograph showing a yellow fire escape winding down a huge grain silo
Abstract photograph showing tree branches silhouetted against blue concrete grain silos
Abstract photo of a red wall and a blurry walking man with an accusing stare